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  • 1957 Gottfried Müller founded the SALEM Brotherhood in Stuttgart.
  • until 1965 SALEM began to help the homeless and ex-convicts in Stuttgart, Munich, Nürnberg, Frankfurt and Berlin. The first children’s homes were begun in Munich, Nuernberg and surrounding areas.
  • 1969 The first SALEM children’s and youth village was created in Stadtsteinach and became the headquarters of SALEM’s work.
  • 1972/73 The second SALEM children’s and youth village was set up in Höchheim/ Northern Bavaria.
  • 1976 The third SALEM children’s village opened in Kovahl/Northern Germany.
  • 1980 SALEM-Uganda was founded in Mbale with the construction of the first children’s home. Several wells were drilled signalling the beginning of the agricultural project. In addition a clinic was opened which later became the SALEM hospital.
  • 1993 SALEM-Russia was founded. 4 houses for refugees were built in the Oblast Kaliningrad region.
  • 1997 Due to a famine in Uganda SALEM began a tree planting project.
  • In Russia the “Fond SALEM RUS” was officially founded and registered.
  • The first SALEM children’s village west of Königsberg came into being.
  • 1998 Aldea (community) SALEM was founded in Ecuador.
  • 1999 Samuel Müller joins the SALEM management.
  • 2000 SALEM-Togo began to teach environmental education and initiated reforestation programmes in Bassar in Northern Togo.
  • 2004 The new part of the SALEM children’s village in Uganda, which has been planned for years, was inaugurated. The German ambassador was among the many guests.
  • Gottfried Müller celebrated his 90th birthday.
  • Together with Anamed (Action for Natural Medicine) the first SALEM Nature Conference was held in Bassar/Togo.
  • The children’s home in SALEM-Ecuador was finished and the first children moved in.
  • 2005 In SALEM-Neestahl (Germany) a community of life was launched and the first inhabitants moved in.
  • In SALEM-Uganda they started building a nursery school where about 30 nursing students can be trained.
  • 2006 SALEM’s governing principles were refined and published.
  • 2007 SALEM celebrated its 50th anniversary with a week of festivities from 7th to 16th September together with numerous guests from home and abroad and a colourful and varied celebration programme.
  • 2008 SALEM became a member of „Climate Alliance“ and several other NGO network organisations in Bavaria and Germany.
  • 2009 The reforestation programmes in Uganda and Togo were extended.
  • On 26th September the founder of SALEM, Gottfried Johannes Müller, died after a long and fulfilled life in the bosom of his family, at the age of 95 years. The SALEM Trust was founded and helps to continue his legacy.
  • SALEM offers now assisted living at home and supports people with disabilities.
  • Heiko Weiß joins the SALEM managent team consisting of Samuel Müller and Gerhard Lipfert.
  • SALEM is now called “SALEM International” instead of “Brotherhood Salem”.
  • 2010 The nursery school in SALEM-Uganda is inaugurated.
  • The new residence in SALEM-Neestahl is inaugurated.
  • 2011 25th anniversary of the assisted employment measures in SALEM-Höchheim.
  • The seminar building for the environmental education center in SALEM-Togo has been completed.
  • 2012 A fire destroys a building in SALEM-Neestahl. The damages amount to 300.000 €.
  • An inclusive youth camp takes place in SALEM-Russia.
  • 2014 SALEM is commemorating the 100th birthday of founder Gottfried Müller.
  • SALEM publishes its first children`s book: „What a country without trees“ by Ndyakira Amooti.

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