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The Health Centre in SALEM-Uganda aspires Recognition as Hospital


Health is the biggest concern for most people in rural Uganda, but Health care is still an enormous challenge.

Although the medical treatment in the state institutions is meant to be for free there is a chronic shortage of medication and often you will meet poorly paid employees who seem to be rather unmotivated. As a result missing medicine and services often need to be organized at a high price. Our facility widely known as SALEM-"Hospital" has long been doing the work of a hospital but is officially registered as a health center only. Accordingly, government grants are low.

SALEM is known for its good service for the rural population and reliable qualified staff. Patients will pay for their treatments if possible so that part of the running costs can be financed. 

At the moment 17 surrounding health centers send pregnant women and women giving birth to the SALEM-Health Centre if there are complications to be expected.

Some emergency situations could be prevented by health care. That is why a SALEM-Health Center team visits the surrounding villages five times a month to vaccinate and inform people about family planning, antenatal care, and the prevention of HIV / AIDS and malaria.

Village health workers clarify sensitive issues like early marriage of young girls or the importance of latrines with the help of drama performances.  As you can see, the services offered by our SALEM-Health Center are very diverse and immensely important. 

Please help! We still have to do some structural works to receive the recognition as a hospital soon. Then the population in the Nakaloke region will continue to benefit from good quality health care. If you would like to give a donation for SALEM-Uganda please visit this page

Thank you very much for your support!

Gertrud Schweizer-Ehrler


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