SALEM International co-operates with many different organisations – because together we can achieve a great deal.

help & hope Foundation

help & hope offers support for socially deprived children so that they can have a safe future and prospects in life.
The foundation helped to fund the construction of the Nursing School at the SALEM-village near Mbale, Uganda.


Institute of Building Biology + Ecology Neubeuern (IBN)

It is the mission of the institute to present its clients with objective information in its teaching and to offer a holistic approach to building biology.

The IBN masterminded the ecologically friendly children’s house at the SALEM-Children’s Village Raduga in Kaliningrad, Russia. It was the first ecological building of its kind in Russia. The IBN-owned Foundation of Building Biology -Architecture-Environmental Medicine has financially supported the construction of the children’s home.


LEBENSzeichen Afrika e.V.

This very committed initiative from Düsseldorf, Germany supports selected projects in Africa financially.

It cooperated with SALEM-Uganda, helping to fund the School of Nursing at the SALEM village near Mbale.



The aim of the Swiss foundation SALEM-HELVETIA is to support christian charities financially. It particularly funds programmes helping needy children and young people as well as programmes for drug addicts.
The foundation supports the Child and Youth Centre in SALEM-Ecuador and the Children’s village in SALEM-Uganda.



Stylex supports our tree nursery in SALEM-Uganda. This enables us to expand our work there and make a contribution to nature conservation through planting campaigns. By guiding and supporting surrounding village tree nurseries, we are expanding our radius of action and reaching more people.


Tukolere Wamu e.V.

Tukolere Wamu was founded by a former co-worker of SALEM-Uganda. This very active association supports self-help initiatives in Uganda, Tansania, Ethiopia the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Togo, among numerous projects surrounding SALEM-Uganda.


tugende Encounter Tours

tugende means “Let’s go!” in Luganda, one of the many languages in Uganda. This tour operator offers multifaceted project and encounter tours to Africa. During the tour, participants visit the SALEM programme in Uganda among other projects. The main focus of the tour is the encounter with local people.

SALEM International is an associate of the tugende tour operator.


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