The Organisation

Legal form and organs

SALEM International is organised as a non-profit LLC (Limited Liability Company) since 1968. The statutory organs are the Shareholders` meeting, the management and the Supervisory board.

Shareholders` meeting

The shareholders` meeting is the highest supervisory and controlling body. It decides all fundamental and guiding objectives and actions that are not assigned to the management or the supervisory board.


  • Samuel Müller, managing shareholder
  • Ursula Müller, shareholder
  • Nathan Müller, shareholder

Representation and management

The directors are responsible for developing and implementing the strategic direction of the organisation. They are appointed by the shareholders` meeting. At present SALEM International has three directors working fulltime for the company:

Supervisory board

The supervisory board advises the management and ensures its ongoing control. The supervisory board work in a voluntary capacity and are elected by the shareholders’ meeting for a term of three years.


  • Karl-Heinz Grimm, Head of his own physiotherapy clinic in Scotland and a former SALEM employee
  • Susanne Kraus, Manager of CSU congressional district Kulmbach
  • Matthias Olszewski, General practitioner with his own practice in Stadtsteinach
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