About us

SALEM means Peace

SALEM International is a non-denominational Christian non-profit welfare organisation. It was founded in 1957 by Gottfried Müller and a circle of friends. At present, SALEM employs about 130 people in Germany as well as some 250 others engaged on different projects worldwide.

What makes SALEM special?

The name SALEM stems from the Hebrew ‘Shalom’, meaning ‘peace’. All of the SALEM projects are affiliated through the shared values of peace and helping those in need. In this sense SALEM is actively working in global hotspots to help people in difficult situations regardless of their beliefs or nationality. Our support ranges from social, environmental and health issues to nutrition, education and development assistance.
At SALEM our experience has taught us the importance of committing to a project for the long term - even when all other organisations have already left because there are new trouble spots elsewhere. That is why all of our projects are permanent and receive continuous support.
SALEM is probably the oldest Western vegetarian welfare organisation. From the beginnings all establishments have offered only vegetarian cuisine. We believe that no living creature shall be harmed.

Our guiding principles

  • respect for every living being
  • love of people, animals, plants and Creation
  • non-violent, respectful and peaceful treatment of our fellow humans
  • promotion of a non-denominational Christian, holistic way of life
  • a healthy, vegetarian, whole food diet
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