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We have already reported several times about the Green Belt in SALEM-Uganda and asked for your support in our mission to make the village greener. Now we would like to show to our donors what has already been implemented there with your help.
The name SALEM is derived from the Hebrew word “Shalom” and means “Peace”. Peace is the main motivation of the SALEM-work. After traumatic experiences during the war and in captivity SALEM Founder Gottfried Müller decided that from now on he will put his live in service to God. Never again would he want to bring harm to people, animals or nature. Since 1957 our organisation has been operating in this spirit. People of different nations, colours, religions and origins are working together in our projects - and it works!
Every now and then people come to our SALEM-facilities having medical problems, that cannot simply be remedied with the “normal” medical treatment. Often it is children who could lead a largely independent life with the help of a special operation. Unfortunately, specialized doctors often cannot be found in the immediate vicinity of our projects. Besides it is difficult to pay for the costs of these consultations and treatments from our project budget.
Planting and looking after trees has always been one of the important matters of Gottfried Müller, the founder of SALEM (1914 – 2009). This is why the planting project “100 trees plus x“ was established some years ago in SALEM-Togo.
Even if we have achieved a lot in SALEM-Uganda, there are still many challenges for us. For example, many buildings, that have been built over the years, have to be gradually replaced and adapted to modern requirements without destroying…
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