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These two topics are immensely important in all our SALEM-facilities. In SALEM-Uganda we have now been able to build an incinerator with the help of a generous donor. Apart from that the children of our childrens` home have been given a piece of land and are allowed to farm on it.
What started as a mobile health station beneath a fig tree in 1983 has since grown to become the well-known Kolonyi Hospital offering many services to the local population.
If your answer is “Yes” we have the perfect vacation spot for you. Thanks to its altitude, Uganda has a pleasant, temperate-tropical climate, which has hardly any seasonal variations in temperature due to its location on the equator.…
In order to avoid this pollution for the years to come, the employees in the nursery - especially our current volunteer Therese - want to introduce paper pots with each new planting process step by step. Although these are slightly…
Already in 1987, when our project manager in SALEM-Togo Gbati Nikabou was still a student, he was in his heart an environmentalist. Back then he started to plant guajacum trees in front of his family`s house. These trees have by now turned out to be huge trees.
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