Togo is one of the poorest countries in the world. Its population relies mainly on its own agricultural products making it extremely dependent on the climate and environment. SALEM has been working in the region of Bassar in the North of Togo since 1997. Our project demonstrates that it is possible to work with nature rather than destroying it and makes us a leader in the field of environmental protection.

Our education centre has agricultural plots, a tree nursery and a herbal medicine demonstration garden. Our seminars give local people the skills to better make better use of available crops to improve their nutrition and the environment.

Organic Farming

Current studies show that crop yields can be doubled by using modern organic farming. Soil improving methods like the production and use of compost. minimise the risk of crop failures and help to stabilise food supplies making expensive fertilisers and pesticides unnecessary. Our organic farming test plots are open to the public and as part of ongoing educational campaigns SALEM employees make regular visits to consult farmers in the surrounding villages to encourage good practice.

Sustainable Forestry

Sustainable forestry as we know it in Europe is not common in West Africa. Protected forests are important but of no use to the population who need firewood and timber supplies. SALEM tries to model a way to protect mature forests while also using them in a sustainable way.

We also grow local timber and fruit trees in our own tree nursery and distribute these saplings amongst local farmers as part of our education outreach programmes. We then train and support farmers to use modern ecological methods in our education centre.

Natural Medicine

We cultivate local plants commonly used as natural medicines in our demonstration garden and share knowledge about natural medicine in our workshop programme. These seminars bring people together from the Togolese health care sector (doctors, midwives, traditional healers and nurses) to inspire an exchange of experiences. Our vision is to combine the achievements of modern medicine with traditional medicines made from easily available local plants.  

Campaign 100+n

On the centenary of SALEM founder Gottfried Müller´s birth in April 2014 we launched the very successful ‘Campaign 100+n’. Its mission is to continue the vision of the SALEM founder by planting trees every year.

The formula 100+n means that each year on this date the SALEM-team will plant a tree for every year since Gottfried Müller was born. In 2014 it was 100, in 2015 101 and so on.  

Would you like to visit the project?

If you would like to see the results of our work for the people and the environment yourself, you are very welcome to pay a visit to SALEM-Togo. Our team will gladly show you around. We would greatly appreciate it if you could make a small donation for this tour which will directly fund our work. (Suggested donation 50 € or 55$).

Please let us know in advance if you would like to visit by contacting us by email or phone +228 90074047. Please note that we cannot offer accommodation or meals.


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