Our SALEM centre in Mindo, Ecuador, looks after the most underprivileged children and young people of the village. We try to offer them extensive care and find solutions to their most urgent problems.

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Child and Youth Centre

The Child and Youth Centre operates as a day care centre attended by more than 40 children and young people. Here, they can discover their own abilities and learn to put ideas into action. We provide a healthy vegetarian lunch, local teachers help with homework and our qualified staff offer many possibilities for the children to apply what they have learned. In the craft studio and the sewing studio they can enjoy practical work with many different tools and materials, improving skills and creativity.

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Sponsorship Programme

Your sponsorship of the SALEM children in Mindo not only helps the those in the children’s home and the day centre but also enables about 40 more local children to attend school. We support them with school materials, uniforms and, of course, we are ready to listen to their parents’ worries. The sponsorship programme also contributes to improvements in the infrastructure of the SALEM children’s home.

For further information on how your financial backing will help please see the Sponsorship for Ecuador page here.

Volunteering at SALEM Ecuador

We are always looking for motivated people who are eager to contribute to our work with the children.
Read more about volunteering at the SALEM centre in Mindo here!


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