SALEM-Russia was registered in 1997 in Zelenogradsk, Kaliningrad, as a non-governmental, non-profit welfare organisation. The aim of the project is to create a village for children and young people and an organic farm in Kaliningrad, Russia.

The project was approved and supported by regional councils, local communities and the media.

SALEM Russia aims:

  • to give orphans and neglected children a nurturing family environment in which to grow
  • to create the economic and social conditions required to sustain young families
  • to strengthen social ties within the community
  • to introduce new, organic, ecological agrarian technologies
  • to create an ecologically sound community

The principles of goodwill, confidence, mutual aid and non-violence are strictly followed by all residents. Older children are encouraged to set an example and to help the younger ones.

Teilnehmer eines Jugendcamps Pflanzenkläranlage in SALEM-Russland Landarbeit in SALEM-Russland Auf dem Zeltplatz für die Jugendcamps SALEM-Geschäftsführer Gerhard Lipfert zu Besuch in SALEM-Russland Kunstaktion in SALEM-Russland

The SALEM children’s village

Children are sent to the village from orphanages and other institutions. They don’t have to leave the village when reaching a certain age, it is truly their home and they grow up knowing that they can always return.

In each household either a parent couple or a single house mother lives with between 6 and 8 children. There are boys and girls of mixed age, health and abilities and siblings are housed together. In this way the children share the care, joys and challenges of family life and take part in normal household activities.


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