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Do you remember our fundraising campaign before Christmas - the donation pot for Denis and others who urgently need medical help? We would now like to show you how Denis is doing after two surgeries that we were able to finance through your donations.
The consequences of climate change are also omnipresent in our SALEM-village in Uganda. In SALEM-Uganda, people recognized many years ago that they had to do something themselves: This was the beginning of our "Green Belt" around our project.
People from seven different countries are currently working together in SALEM-Ecuador. Despite different nationalities, skin colours, cultural backgrounds, beliefs, political views, etc., it is easy for us to work together for the benefit of others, because empathy and the idea of peace are firmly established.
Our team in SALEM-Togo is currently planning a new and sustainable project for the grounds of our training center in Baghan. We started beekeeping in Bassar about seven years ago. Delicious honey is produced from the many flowering…
We have already reported several times about the Green Belt in SALEM-Uganda and asked for your support in our mission to make the village greener. Now we would like to show to our donors what has already been implemented there with your help.
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