Our operation theatre in SALEM-Uganda has structural deficiencies that could never be fixed in the long term. But at the same time the demand for operations is constantly increasing, so we are very glad that with the help of partners a new room for surgeries can be built now.
Recently, SALEM Managing Director Samuel Müller visited our project in Uganda and could see the excellent work that is being done there by the staff. Unfortunately, due to Corona it was difficult to travel to Uganda during the last years. It was very encouraging now to see the development of the village.
Dr Charles Kimbugwe has been working as a doctor at the Health Center in SALEM-Uganda. Recently he visited Germany to attend the World Health Summit in Berlin. It can be said that his life path has been linked to SALEM from day one. But read for yourself.
Our health center in SALEM-Uganda has again made some progress on the way to being recognized as a hospital. Having an X-ray machine with suitable premises is part of the mandatory equipment in order to be considered for a higher classification. The device was recently put into operation and after the employees were trained on it, it can now be used on patients.
We recently received news from our project in SALEM-Togo. In his report, project manager Gbati Nikabou gives us an insight into what he and his team have been able to achieve in the last few months.
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