We need your support to provide disadvantaged children in Ecuador opportunities for the future. We depend on your support to provide disadvantaged children in Ecuador with the best prospects for their future.

The SALEM Children’s and Youth Centre in Mindo is a place where children can grow up according to their needs – by learning, playing, being loved and understood. Disadvantaged children and young people are either looked after in the daytime or live in the Salem community, if it is not possible for them to stay with their own families.

Many of the children are just experiencing puberty – an important time, when things change and decisions have to be made. We want to provide the SALEM children with the best education possible and help them find their way into a successful future by

  • working with them on their progress at school as well as on their professional goals
  • giving information about relationships and sexuality through project work and workshops

We kindly ask for your donation to support the SALEM children! Thank you!

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