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News from SALEM-Raduga


The year began in our SALEM-project in the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad with lots of snow and extremely cold weather. What worries the adults due to rising energy costs was great fun for the children! They don't often have the opportunity to sledge down the hill or play with snowballs.

The little kids oft he goats were also born in January. Here too, the children enjoyed helping to care for the animals and gaining experience in handling them. Tthe animals sense the friendliness of the children's hearts, so that they approach the children themselves. Thanks to the animals, we have fresh cheese for our own consumption, but also for sale as a small source of income.

Winter came suddenly and ended the same way. The snow melted quickly and there was an opportunity to work the land. We were able to prepare a place in the field near the vineyard to build a shed with little money.

Unfortunately, we had another technical problem in one of our houses. The heating system was leaking somewhere, causing water to escape and making it impossible to heat the house properly. Our technical employee, Juri Engel, struggled to find the leak, but he finally managed to repair it and the large family living in the house had a warm home again, thank God.

Work has also begun on repairing the north wall of the carpentry workshop, as the boards of the cladding had become completely damaged after more than 20 years and need to be replaced with new ones. There is a lot to do so that the eco-youth camps can take place again in the summer. If you would like to, you can support our project here. Thank you very much!

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