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Our barn in SALEM-Stadtsteinach has become a victim of the flames


Monday, 26th June 2023 morning started with a shock for all of us. Our SALEM barn was on fire!

At about 6.45 a.m. we discovered that the building was on fire and immediately notified the fire brigade. Thanks to the rapid intervention of numerous fire brigades from the surrounding area, worse things could be prevented.

Unfortunately, the barn burned down, but thank God no person or animal was harmed.

We would like to thank all firefighters, the operations management, police and all helpers from the bottom of our hearts!

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The barn which was built in 1978 by SALEM founder Gottfried Müller is now in ruins. For decades, it helped shape the image of SALEM in Stadtsteinach. Many guests of our former guesthouse Lindenhof SALEM will certainly have fond memories of this idyllic place.






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