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Unwanted and yet loved


George was born in Mbale, a city with around 100,000 inhabitants in eastern Uganda. He screams, looking for his mother. Where is she? He can't feel her with his small, redirected movements, he can't see her, no one answers his screams.

But suddenly a door opens and light streams into the dark room. The police comes in. They find George lying on the concrete floor. An inspector picks up the screaming baby. George looks neglected, malnourished and totally scared. The policeman's warm hands are the first tender touches George has felt in a long time. The police officer tries to calm the baby with a warm voice.

They take him to the police station. While the police officers at the station continue to look after George, it becomes clear that his mother has disappeared. She left him with an acquaintance but that woman was also overwhelmed and the little baby was left carelessly in her apartment. An attentive neighbor heard the screaming and informed the police.

George received emergency care at the police station, but what now? He was malnourished, showed bruises and needed medical attention, as well as motherly love.

A police officer had heard about SALEM, a hospital and children's home near the city. They decided to take George there and ask for help.

When they arrived in SALEM, the nurses and doctors immediately took care of George. He needed vitamins, proteins, a warm bed and lots of motherly love. After a few days he was stabilized and a move to the “SALEM Children's Home” was planned. There he was able to stay in the infant ward. Racheal is the social worker here. She took George into her heart and provided him with the best possible care.

Now George is four years old, can go to the SALEM Nursery School and is slowly gaining confidence when playing with the many other children and young people in the SALEM Children's Home.

Racheal and her team keep giving him love every day, accompany him as he discovers his environment and watch him play under the mango trees. They pay attention to good nutrition and organize joint activities in the children's village, such as making music and dancing. All the children have a lot of fun.

George was rejected by the first people who were supposed to give him love and attention, but God always wanted “Little George” and loved him. So it is a blessing that an attentive neighbor, good police officers and SALEM-Uganda were able to give George what every boy and girl in this world so desperately needs: “a HOME”.

I am Josef Olszewski and I am allowed to work as a social worker in SALEM-Kovahl. I was very pleased to visit our colleagues in SALEM-Uganda and see what good work is being done there. Racheal told me many stories about children, young people and adults growing up in SALEM-Uganda. This story particularly touched me and showed me again what God sent into this world for:

- Mt 5:14 You are the light of the world - like a city on a mountain, shining brightly in the night for all to see -






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