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The name SALEM is derived from the Hebrew word “Shalom” and means “Peace”. Peace is the main motivation of the SALEM-work. After traumatic experiences during the war and in captivity SALEM Founder Gottfried Müller decided that from now on he will put his live in service to God. Never again would he want to bring harm to people, animals or nature. Since 1957 our organisation has been operating in this spirit. People of different nations, colours, religions and origins are working together in our projects - and it works!

With horror we look at the appalling events in the Ukraine and pray that they will stop immediately. War brings only suffering, on both sites. We think of all the people who lost their lives, their family and relatives, their homes. May the solidarity and unity soon lead to peace.

The picture shows Gottfried Müller on the “Bridge of Peace” in SALEM-Raduga. Since the foundation in 1997, the project in the Russian exclave Kaliningrad,  is perceived as the bridge of peace and meeting place. In many children and youth camps as well as other events, the foundation for many multinational friendships, was formed here.


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