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Already in 1987, when our project manager in SALEM-Togo Gbati Nikabou was still a student, he was in his heart an environmentalist. Back then he started to plant guajacum trees in front of his family`s house. These trees have by now turned out to be huge trees.
Another project for the sustainable use of fuel is the production of briquettes made of organic material such as leaves or rice husks. These burn longer than coal and protect nature. Our employees have just started the production…
In the past few years Kolonyi Health Centre in SALEM-Uganda has developed into an institution known for high standards, where patients, especially the poor, are looked after.
At the moment the staff of our children`s home are preparing four children for their resettlement to their families. This resettlement is a step to ensure that these children can return to their families at the end of the officially required period of time.
At the moment we have two volunteers from Germany helping in SALEM-Uganda for a period of about four months. Here is a report of what they already experienced:
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