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See the first film in a series about our biggest project abroad. It all began in 1981 when SALEM-founder Gottfried Müller decided that we absolutely had to help the people in Uganda who were badly affected by the war.
In September 2000, SALEM founded the project in Togo/Bassar to train people through environmental education and to make the country greener through reforestation. Since then, project manager Gbati Nikabou and his colleagues have been…
Today Ursula Müller, the wife of SALEM-founder Gottfried Müller and former managing director of SALEM, is celebrating her 80th birthday – a reason for us from SALEM to thank her for her tireless commitment during the last years and take a look back.
Our facility widely known as SALEM "Hospital" has long been doing the work of a hospital but is officially registered only as a health center. Accordingly, government grants are low. Thus we now try to get the recognition as a hospital.
This is Jonathan, three years old and just one of presently 31 children, youths and handicapped young adults living in the Childrens' Home of SALEM-Uganda. His mother's whereabouts are not known by her relatives, his father’s name is unknown. Jonathan was malnourished during the time of admission but is now a healthy boy, social and jolly.
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