News and Events

Planting and looking after trees has always been one of the important matters of Gottfried Müller, the founder of SALEM (1914 – 2009). This is why the planting project “100 trees plus x“ was established some years ago in SALEM-Togo.
Schools in Ecuador have been completely closed for more than a year and have switched to online classes that all students should attend. Many, if not most, of the children and young people in our rural area do not have the technical requirements for this. SALEM-Ecuador supports these children on their way to digital education so that they do not lose their chance of a good education.
In our SALEM project we started a campaign that addresses the issue of violence and calls for a non-violent life for everyone. In Ecuador, many women, girls, boys and adolescents are affected by violence at a young age. Unfortunately, domestic violence has been made worse by the pandemic-related restrictions.
After quite a while we finally got news from our project in Togo. Fortunately, it is mostly positive news, as project officer Agnes Ziegelmayer summarizes in her report.
In addition to the planned short film series, we have also put together interesting articles from employees and people who have a close connection to SALEM-Uganda. There are also picture galleries from the various departments.
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