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¡Mindo libre de Violencia!


Mindo - free from violence!

In our SALEM project we started a campaign that addresses the issue of violence and calls for a non-violent life for everyone. In Ecuador, many women, girls, boys and adolescents are affected by violence at a young age. Unfortunately, domestic violence has been made worse by the pandemic-related restrictions.

We are concerned about the high levels of violence that also exist in our community, so we started the campaign ¡Mindo libre de Violencia!. We developed this action with the support of the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) and people who have the same vision of a world without violence.

Mónica Mancero, filmmaker and actress, directed the production of 5 videos for the campaign because it is important to her to raise awareness of violence, especially against women. Therefore, she appeals to all members of the community to end violence:

 “This is an issue that we all need to talk about together and I think it should be a focus for all politicians. If we see violence, we have to stop it, we have to help, we have to seek help, we must not be complicit as a community and we must not allow the cycle of violence to continue.”

Unfortunately, there are no exact statistics on gender-based violence, either because many victims do not report it out of fear or because institutions do not collect sufficient case data. From the little information available, it appears that the attacks, whether physical, psychological or sexual, are mostly perpetrated by family members or people close to the victims.

We believe it is important to talk about these topics even though they are fearful or taboos. But these acts happen everywhere every day. At SALEM we are very happy about the success of the campaign. It is important for us to further strengthen respect and to involve the community in the defense of the rights of women, children and young people.

Our goal is to create more projects like this because we want to take care of the most disadvantaged or vulnerable families in our community. All of our efforts to raise public awareness and reduce violence in Mindo have been made possible by the great support of our donors. With a donation you can help us continue to support the families in need of help the most.

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