Trees instead of desert


How to turn bleak Mountains into a green landscape

The further you go North in Togo the more desert you will find. The once fertile soil has been washed out because of the massive deforestation.

We have set ourselves an ambitious goal in our Togolese SALEM-project. With the support of the prefect and the mayor of Kara we will try to turn the mountains surrounding SALEM-Togo again into green.

The first problem we had to solve was the choice of the right trees for this purpose. Our project manager Gbati Nikabou managed to find the shrubby tree species “Dalbergia boehmii” which is - due to its fast growing roots which help to stabilise hillsides - particularly suited to cover bleak areas. Also, it can be grown in an extremely dry climate. As soon as the first specimens will have taken roots we can add more plants that will provide food for the people.

The project will be difficult but we believe that we can do it. During the next wet season we want to plant a thousand trees with the support of a school. It is important to get the youth on board because they are the future.

Undoubtedly it will be the biggest and hardest tree-planting project we did so far. We are trying to realise it in the next five years. The first and most difficult steps will cost us 5 Euros per tree. Besides the area needs to be fenced to protect the small seedlings.

If you would like to support us in realising this dream you will find here an online donation form. Thank you very much!

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