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The SALEM-Uganda hospital has now its own Blood Analyzer


Kolonyi hospital has served multiple districts around Mbale since the 1980/90s war. It was one of the few fully operational hospitals at that time and has a good reputation. With the help of many donators we were again able to improve the medical care in SALEM-Uganda and the close by communities.

This blood analyzer enables our doctors to help their patients efficiently because it can provide a lot of blood levels in a very short time by analysing blood for bacterial, viral, parasitic, fungal and other allergic conditions. Thus we can react quickly and can save lives by means of an immediate treatment.

Most of our patients are children under 5 years who are admitted with signs and symptoms of pneumonia, complicated malaria and anemia of which the cause is not always obvious. It is extremely important especially for children to find the right treatment at once because often a lot of time is already wasted due to long ways to the hospital.

Sometimes minutes decide about death or survival. This machine can give us these crucial minutes.

We thank all of our donators for this gift!

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