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To Live "Peace" in SALEM-Ecuador


People from seven different countries are currently working together in SALEM-Ecuador. Despite different nationalities, skin colours, cultural backgrounds, beliefs, political views, etc., it is easy for us to work together for the benefit of others, because empathy and the idea of peace are firmly established.

Every encounter with our children, young people and families is based on a loving and understanding communication. 

In Ecuador, the term "interculturality" is ubiquitous. From indigenous people to Spanish descendants to Afro-Ecuadorian communities, diverse cultures enrich this country. Interculturality means not only the presence, but also the equal interaction of different cultures in the same country. It gives us the opportunity to create shared cultural expressions through dialogue and mutual respect and thus a basis for peaceful coexistence. Our team integrates both the idea of peace and the concept of interculturality into their work with the children.

For Silvana, who takes care of the youngest children, it is important to talk about respect. “I teach my children to respect the diversity of every living being,” she says. 

Sulema, leader of our youth group, explains: “It’s about learning to respect the experiences and ideas of others”. 

From our point of view, interculturality is love, respect, freedom, trust, friendship, fun, honesty, community and peace. We are willing to walk paths that lead us to peace!

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