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Everything turns green in SALEM-Uganda


We have already reported several times about the Green Belt in SALEM-Uganda and asked for your support in our mission to make the village greener.
Now we would like to show to our donors what has already been implemented there with their help.

Summary of the events to date:

In 2019, SALEM-Uganda managed to acquire a piece of land directly adjacent to the project, with the aim of increasing the green belt around it. We have planted trees around our SALEM-village before, but without a fence they could not be protected, e.g. from grazing animals. Our team in Uganda asked us to provide a monthly budget for a limited period. This was to finance the fence on the one hand, but also a forestry specialist. This could be implemented promptly.

From the beginning, a lot of trees were planted with great enthusiasm. Unfortunately, many of these little trees died because we encountered difficulties that we had not taken into account. So from time to time it was a case of "learning by doing". We also found out that it is better to spread the responsibility over several shoulders. There are now a total of three employees working on the land.

Three water points have been set up in the countryside. Women from the surrounding area now come to water the plants and earn a little extra money. The entire land is now fenced off. Access through the fence from the SALEM-site now makes cultivation much easier.

So far, the following has been planted:

  • 500 avocados
  • 180 jackfruits
  • 70 mango trees
  • In addition, shade trees to provide shade for coffee plants

The next plan is to build a simple cottage on the site so that a family of employees can stay on site and thus reduce illegal entry from outside. In the long term, the income from the piece of land will be increased, which will then benefit the project.

We thank all who have contributed to this!

Information and photos by Gertrud Schweizer-Ehrler, project representative

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