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How are the children in SALEM-Uganda?


Since there are no volunteers in SALEM-Uganda at the moment, who usually like to provide us with information about the children, we asked our social worker to give us a brief insight into life in the children's home.

In Uganda people had to endure one of the toughest lockdowns worldwide and all schools are still closed today - except for the final classes, which have been allowed to attend classes again since October 15th.

The medical journal "The Lancet" reports that Uganda was the country in Africa that fought best against the spread of the corona virus in the summer and even ranked among the top 10 worldwide.

In the beginning, the contact restrictions were very difficult and unfamiliar for the children, as they are sociable and like to be around people, but now they get along better with it. Of course, they always have the other children and carers in the children's home. Since there are no school lessons, we encouraged the children to read their books every day after lunch, and younger and older children have now started to enjoy reading or being read to a lot.

Various measures were taken to contain the pandemic efficiently.First of all, we increased the hygiene and sanitary measures. Thus, our employees have set up hand washing stations at the entrance and in the homeApart from the employees, the access to our premises is strictly limited.. The older children in particular were made aware of the importance of distance rules and the wearing of masks. In addition, no child is currently allowed to leave the home alone. The most positive thing is that all of our children are healthy and we didn´t have any casas of serious illnesses. The children are increasingly involved in helping us in agriculture during the school-free period; so they all planted corn, beans, peanuts and sweet potatoes together. They also help diligently with the housework, depending on their age.

We all hope that the children in SALEM-Uganda and our employees will continue to come through these difficult times unscathed.

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