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Improving a child's future prospects


Wouldn't you like to support a child in SALEM-Uganda?

This is Jonathan, three years old and just one of presently 31 children, youths and handicapped young adults living in the Childrens' Home of SALEM-Uganda. His mother's whereabouts are not known by her relatives, his father’s name is unknown. Jonathan was malnourished during the time of admission but is now a healthy boy, social and jolly. His immune system is strong and the mental system is developing, he can express himself.

Family tracing was carried out and the maternal side was discovered but they had low interest towards receiving the child. The future plan is to continue supporting him and trace for paternal relatives.

Since 1981 SALEM-Uganda enables children and young people to regain their physical and emotional health and reunites them with their families and relatives wherever possible, bringing hope and happiness back into troubled lives. You can help us in two ways:

Project sponsorship

Taking over a project sponsorship is the most effective way to give as many people in the immediate surroundings of the SALEM village the chance for a better future. With your regular payments you offer specific help in order to improve the total life sphere of many in need. It reduces administrative work and costs and means a bigger scope, although, of course, we also know that some donors prefer supporting an individual person.

However, please understand that, in this case, the remaining money will be used for the whole project should the need of the sponsored child (accommodation, school fees etc.) be fulfilled.

Personal sponsorship

According to their abilities, SALEM-Uganda enables some pupils to complete a school education or a professional training, as education is the key to a self-determined life - however, unfortunately, it costs money.

For a monthly amount of 30 Euro / 33 US-$ / 25 £ you cannot buy a lot of things here but in Uganda it means a huge step towards a better future for many.

Would you like to help the people in SALEM-Uganda permanently? Should you have any questions or want to take over a personal sponsorship please send a message to

If you wish to take over a project sponsorship you can do this on the page: Sponsorship SALEM-Uganda.

Thank you so much!

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