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Protection of Nature and Environmental Education


These two topics are immensely important in all our SALEM-facilities. In SALEM-Uganda we have now been able to build an incinerator with the help of a generous donor. Up to now the garbage has been buried in the ground. As the SALEM-village has grown a lot in the past years, the amount of waste has also increased.

We are therefore very happy that we came to this solution. But we are still very keen to avoid garbage as far as possible. Therefore e.g. the staff in our nursery only uses paper pots for the seedlings (see this article). In our children's home we teach the children about the importance of nature. So they learn from childhood on, how important trees are to the climate and the soil, and that they should not be cut down carelessly.

Recently, a new project was launched under the slogan "Childrens' Garden - together we grow." It aims to teach the children knowledge about local plants and how to grow them. For this use they have been given a piece of land and are allowed to farm on it. Every child may decide what to plant on its area. A challenge is the coming dry season, in which the children have to water their garden at least once a day. They are guided and accompanied by our volunteers.


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