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Today Ursula Müller, the wife of SALEM-founder Gottfried Müller and former managing director of SALEM, is celebrating her 80th birthday – a reason for us from SALEM to thank her for her tireless commitment during the last years and take a look back.
It is with great concern and sadness that we watch how racism still affects people around the world. We are firmly convinced that every life is immeasurably valuable, regardless of skin color, gender or religion. In all our SALEM-projects…
You only have to see it. This old quotation turns out to be especially true in our project in Mindo, Ecuador these days. The Corona pandemic has forced us to close our children`s and youth centre. Public life was completely shut down and many people lived and still live in great fear of the virus. The quite good education of the health authorities doesn`t reach the population and there is little leadership from politics.
So far only a few infected people have been registered in Uganda (update 18th June: 732 cases), but – like everywhere else - there is big fear and it can be assumed that the pandemic on the African continent is still getting off…
To help families in need we started an emergency aid program and distribute food among poor people. In our district, 70% of people live below the poverty line. We would be very thankful if you would like to support us.
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