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A Solid Foundation is Important!


After the old building has been demolished, construction work on the new house could begin in SALEM-Ecuador. In this way, we want to meet the increasing demand for care and also ensure the corresponding quality.

In the first phase, the event space on the ground floor will be built and the building structure made of bamboo (traditionally used in this region) and wood will be completed.The foundation for the new SALEM youth center was supposed to be ready next week. But things turned out differently. The condition of the soil is anything but ideal.

The groundwater is 1.5 meters even in the dry season. And thus the first step unfortunately turns out to be much more expensive than expected, but saving money here would be fatal.

That's why we would like to ask you to support us so that we can soon offer many children and young people a place of peace where they can develop.

Thank you!


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