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SALEM Handmade is a social enterprise, which supports and empowers women by creating sustainable employment opportunities in the local economy. SALEM Handmade products are manufactured with love and care according to social, ecological, sustainable and humanitarian principles.
I f you would like to visit Uganda we have the perfect vacation spot for you. Thanks to its altitude, Uganda has a pleasant, temperate-tropical climate, which has hardly any seasonal variations in temperature due to its location on…
This is something that most donators want to know for sure. That`s why it is so important for us to share with you news about larger projects that can be realized thanks to your help. A year ago we started a call for donations concerning the patient`s kitchen in our SALEM-Uganda hospital.
This short film about these community outreaches shows the importance of the medical work that is done by SALEM-Uganda. By going out into the nearby villages we can reach the rural population around SALEM-Uganda.
In SALEM-Uganda young parents are taught how to feed their children in a healthy way. When Daniel was brought to SALEM by his mother, he was six years old and malnourished.

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