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In addition to the planned short film series, we have also put together interesting articles from employees and people who have a close connection to SALEM-Uganda. There are also picture galleries from the various departments.
See the first film in a series about our biggest project abroad. It all began in 1981 when SALEM-founder Gottfried Müller decided that we absolutely had to help the people in Uganda who were badly affected by the war.
Dear SALEM friends, I’m pleased to welcome you to the important occasion when Salem Brotherhood Uganda is celebrating her 40 years of working for love and peace in the Eastern part of Uganda, the Elgon region “Mbale”. We reflect on the SALEM Mandate as a non-government Organisation promoting livelihood activities.
This year our biggest overseas project – SALEM-Uganda – turns 40 years old! The project began in such a difficult situation back in 1981 that no-one could have believed it would flourish as it has. However, Gottfried Müller, founder of SALEM, knew after his visit to the local area that he simply had to help the people - particularly the children living there. This is how our work began from nothing, under a solitary tree, surrounded by a barren landscape.
Dear SALEM-friends, it has been a diificult year for all us, but we are very grateful that we continue to have loyal supporters like you, without whom many aspects of our work would not have been possible. In the difficult early days of the pandemic, our motto was “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”. Some of the SALEM-employees had to surpass themselves and take on completely new tasks. At the turn of the year we look to 2021 full of confidence and again have many plans for the future.

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