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We Are on the Side of the Children!


New arrivals in the Children's Village in SALEM-Uganda

We always try to reintegrate our children into their original families by looking for relatives who are able to take care of them. Thus family visits with social workers are carried out regularly.

During one of these visits we discovered that the siblings of one of our "SALEM-children" were also being neglected. The only relative who wanted to help was the grandmother, but she is very old and has no financial means. So we took the children with us, where they now receive the care they need.

The mother died after the birth of the smallest sister Leah. Their father left them and they had to fend for themselves. They often went hungry and the older siblings tried to earn some money by working for their neighbors, also to pay for school fees.

There are seven children in the family, the eldest brother is now 20 years old. Due to the difficult family situation, there were significant delays in their school education.

We have now welcomed the five smaller siblings into the children's village. Our goal is to offer them a loving home and to ensure a better future.

If you would like to support our SALEM village and the children's home, you can do so online here.

Reliability is something that many of these children have unfortunately not experienced in their lives so far. Let's change that together!

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