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A New Operating Theatre Means a Huge Opportunity for our SALEM-Hospital


The previous operating theatre in SALEM-Uganda was inaugurated in 2010 by the German Ambassador. A lot of operations could be performed there over the years. E.g. many lives of mothers and their babies could be saved by a caesarean section.

However, the building showed more and more structural defects. As a result, water was seeping into the walls and mold was forming. In recent years, many attempts have been made to deal with the problem: Sewage trenches were dug, plaster was removed to allow the walls to dry out, and a dehumidifier did its job inside. But nothing helped in the long term and it remained a problem building.

At the same time, the demand for surgeries at the SALEM-Hospital was increasing and with it the wish for a new operating theatre.

The quality of our medical facility is constantly growing. Numerous trainings are organized by the Ugandan government with partners and are gladly attended by the staff in SALEM-Uganda.

In addition, a cooperation with the GIZ (Association for International Cooperation) was established and thus a clinic partnership emerged, followed by a cooperation with the "German Doctors e.V.". Through assignments of doctors from Germany and, vice versa, also assignments of Ugandan specialists in German hospitals, a lively exchange of knowledge is taking place. Finally, thanks to the many efforts of the partners (German Doctors), SALEM-Uganda was awarded the funding for a new operating room.

After completion of the buildiing, regular operations such as hernias, caesarean sections, etc. will be performed, but specialists from various disciplines will also be able to perform specialized operations then.

The operating room will not only decisively increase the quality of medical care at the SALEM Health Center, but also offers a big step on the way to being recognized as a full-featured hospital.

We sincerely thank all those involved for their support! 

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