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SALEM-Uganda - The Village with a Future


Recently, SALEM Managing Director Samuel Müller visited our project in Uganda and could see the excellent work that is being done there by the staff.

Unfortunately, due to Corona it was difficult to travel to Uganda during the last years. It was very encouraging now to see the development of the village.

A tour group from Germany also stayed in the guesthouse for a few days and was impressed by what has come out of our project since ist beginnings in 1981.


In the health center, the new X-ray machine is a valuable aid in making quick diagnoses. The employees are handling the new devices with great confidence.

High-quality medical care is guaranteed here. And with our own nursing school and midwifery training, we train competent staff ourselves. Samuel Müller had the employees show him how confident they are in handling the various new devices.

Green Belt

Our "Green Belt" really lives up to its name by now. This plot of land is financed by SALEM International in order to provide a balance to the built-up areas of our project and also to promote the supply of our own food.

In the beginning it was not easy to take care of the trees. Two years were too dry, the water supply was too far away and there was a lack of helpers.  In the meantime, water taps could be installed on the site, honorary workers come to water and take care of the young trees.

Some smaller parts have been leased to employees. They plant vegetables like sweet potatoes, peanuts or beans and take care of the young trees at the same time.

The fencing is now complete, but the fence is constantly cut to steal fruit. To increase security, three to four houses for employees for about eight families are to be built on the Green Belt site so that someone is always on site.

Many different trees have already been planted, including 180 jackfruit trees, 120 mango trees and 50 spiny cannons.

Tree nursery

If you would like to get an insight into the work of our nursery, we have a short film of our employee Yusuf on our Youtube channel. You can really see the enthusiasm for his work.

Watch the film on Youtube

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