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Would you like to plant trees with us in SALEM-Uganda?


Even if we have achieved a lot in SALEM-Uganda, there are still many challenges for us. For example, many buildings, that have been built over the years, have to be gradually replaced and adapted to modern requirements without destroying the peaceful impression of the SALEM-village.

It is also very important to the local people and ourselves to render the soil even more fertile. That is why we bought a piece of land last year, which is now being planted piece by piece, thus expanding the "Green Belt" and counteracting the sealing of the soil.

On the occasion of our 40th anniversary, we would like to start a special campaign with you.With a donation of 40 euros you can help to make a 4 x 4 meter site in SALEM-Uganda even greener. The donated money will be used for new plants and their care. This includes the costs for the tree nursery, protective fences, equipment, vehicles and for the employees. 

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