Children need education!


Schools in Ecuador have been completely closed for more than a year and have switched to online classes that all students should attend. Many, if not most, of the children and young people in our rural area do not have the technical requirements for this. SALEM-Ecuador supports these children on their way to digital education so that they do not lose their chance of a good education.

Many parents have gone into debt to buy virtual classroom equipment for their children. However, a single device often does not meet the needs of all children in a family. Often there is also a lack of knowledge about the use of digital platforms. Finally, the internet connection is often very unstable. 

SALEM provides the infrastructure and the necessary guidance for distance learning. This should make it easier for children and young people to get started with virtual learning. 

Carlos, a boy we look after, first took part in the online class using his parents' cell phone. Unfortunately he had to stop because he didn't have enough data volume. Now Carlos is coming to SALEM to study online. He is a very punctual and committed student and, thanks to our volunteers, now knows how to use the virtual school platform. 

At the moment we only have four computers at SALEM. These are not enough to meet all requests. We would like to expand our support and purchase new or slightly used laptops as well as hire a qualified person who will help the children, because the schools will not reopen soon. We are happy about every donation that helps to give the children and young people the education they need. Here you can find an online donation option.

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