Rest in peace, dear Sister Fladia!


Fladia Musawo Negesa was a reliable employee at the SALEM hospital for decades and a strong pillar in the healthcare system there.

Gertrud Schweizer-Ehrler, our project manager, remembers:

"Sister Fladia has been working in SALEM-Uganda for many years. Even when I was running the Health Centre in the 1980s, she was a very motivated nurse who was particularly committed to working with HIV patients. Through a donation from Sutherlandia - medicinal herbs from South Africa - SALEM was given the opportunity to improve the lives of many people suffering from HIV. Fladia set up the program, kept in touch with the donors and cared for many patients and their families during home visits. When visitors from abroad came, they always appreciated the competence of Fladia who was happy to explain and bring her work closer to the guests. In the pictures we see her handing out worm tablets to the children in the villages and informing about the symptoms of diseases. Over the years, she worked in all departments and was always willing to participate in mobile clinics.

With her, we have lost a friend and SALEM a nurse who had accompanied the organization for decades and was a strong pillar of our health work."

We thank her for everything and will never forget our dear Fladia!

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