Don't think so often of what you lack, but of what you have


In our SALEM-village in the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, life changed completely from one moment to the next. Our project, which has seen itself as a bridge of peace since it was founded 25 years ago, was also isolated as a result of the Russian war in Ukraine.

Difficult times indeed, and yet we want to make the best out of this situation. Thus we organized youth camps for about 80 children and young people from children's homes or socially disadvantaged families this summer. The participants were provided with vegetables and dairy products from our own SALEM-cultivation and production. 

Everyone enjoyed the diverse program. Christian aspects also played a major role and were well received by the children and young people. Our goal is to promote peace and charity between people and we have certainly succeeded on this small scale. 

We thank all who do not abandon us in this difficult time and continue to believe in the idea of peace. May better times come again soon for all of us!

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