Commitment to a greener Togo


We recently received news from our project in SALEM-Togo. In his report, project manager Gbati Nikabou gives us an insight into what he and his team have been able to achieve in the last few months.

The program "100+n - The vision of the founder continues" was continued this year. This means that every year in memory of SALEM founder Gottfried Müller 100 + n trees (for the 101st birthday 101 trees and so on) are planted and cared on the occasion of his birthday. So in 2022, 108 Pterocarpus lucens trees were planted.

We have also started to produce Dalbergia sissoo for the reforestation programs. Because of the very strong covering power of this species, we call them "beacons of hope". From the third year on, the roots strike several shoots in all directions. Thus, you plant little and achieve a lot. This species grows well in almost all soils and is very hardy. We have already produced 5000 saplings and continue to do so. With this we want to cover the bare mountain and hill slopes and support the municipalities and communities in creating forests.

For more than 20 years, we have tried to produce cacao even in the arid areas of the north. We let ourselves be convinced that this is possible with green manuring with plants like Leucaena, Gliricidia, Desmodium and others. We would now like to pass on this knowledge to others, so we decided to create a cacao plantation for demonstration. Thus, between July and August, 850 cacao plants were planted in a field where we grow yams organically. We hope for success so that the plantation will become a school.

The demo yam field has been a great success. The climbing plants are green and shining beautifully. Many farmers come by to look at it. We explain to them how important it is to protect micro-organisms around the soil. These contribute immensely to the fertility of the soil. Therefore, the use of fire and chemicals, as is common in Togo, is wrong in land cultivation.

Report by Gbati Nikabou, Project Manager in SALEM-Togo

We are very pleased about the successful work that our team is doing in Togo and that is finding more and more imitators.  If you would like to support our project, you can do so online here. Thank you very much for your help so far!

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