Do we have to tighten the green belt?


The consequences of climate change are also omnipresent in our SALEM-village in Uganda. The weather is becoming increasingly unpredictable - water levels are falling and extremely long periods of drought alternate with heavy rain. 

Now that the war in Ukraine has interrupted trade flows with grain, food is becoming scarce and prices are rising enormously. Unfortunately, it is the poorest of the poor who will feel the effects the worst.

In SALEM-Uganda, people recognized many years ago that they had to do something themselves: While others were still cutting down trees and turning them into money, SALEM has been committed to planting more and more trees since SALEM-Uganda was founded in 1981. This was the beginning of our "Green Belt" around our project.

We would now like to involve the surrounding communities as well. There is a lot of interest in the immediate neighborhood and especially in the area around Mount Elgon. Luckily, SALEM-Uganda was able to buy about two hectares of adjacent land some time ago. Thus, we do something for the environment and the climate and at the same time have more food for the children's village and guest house. 

Many activities such as purchasing tools and means of transporthave have already been carried out. The land has been plowed and enriched with organic fertilizer. The first seedlings were grown or bought and planted. A fence had to be built to protect the plants from goats. And, of course, employees' salaries must be paid on time.  

All this is expensive, but very "rewarding"! After SALEM has now supported the project financially for two years, unfortunately there are no longer any funds available to continue it as planned until October 2023. Hence our urgent request: Help us to continue this important project! Every donation helps!

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