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A Farewell for the benefit of the children


At the moment the staff of our children`s home are preparing four children for their resettlement to their families. This resettlement is a step to ensure that these children can return to their families at the end of the officially required period of time. In Uganda it is far more important to belong to a family. Without family ties you count for little and will face difficulties in finding your place in life.

For already two years we are regularly visiting their families (family can also mean distant relatives, as some of their parents are dead or inept to take them back) to strengthen the relationships. A social worker accompanies the children and decides if the resettlement can take place and will be a benefit for them. After this we are working out an resettlement plan together with the families to ensure e.g. their further school education and medical care.

Of course SALEM will still take care of these children after their resettlement and will support the families. This is a fundamental principle of the SALEM-work: No child that has lived with us will ever be left alone when in need. Even if you are already grown-up you can always turn to SALEM for help and support.

We are full of hope that these children will be in good hands when returning to their families and will have a bright future. Nevertheless we will be at their sides whenever they need us.

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