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Inauguration of the new children`s home in SALEM-Uganda


The building has been in need of renovation for years. It has suffered from the damp climate. Instead of tearing it down we decided to use the substance and enlarge and improve it.

The outcome is a light flooded comfortable house that has room for 35 children, eight babies and six aunties. It offers a large living area, several dormitories, modern sanitary installations, a commodious kitchen and a well-stocked clothing store. During the wet and cold time of the year the children can play, learn and live in this dry and protected space.

Up to now the house was used for the smallest children only. From now on we want to have children of all ages living together to experience more the structures of “normal” families.

The children from the nursery school started the inauguration with vivid dances, songs and other performances. The guests witnessed a varied programme that was hosted by Andrew Epenyu, head of laboratory in SALEM-Uganda. Project Manager Denis Medeyi welcomed a German tour group and their guide Mrs. Gertrud Schweizer-Ehrler. Mrs. Schweizer-Ehrler`s relentless commitment for SALEM-Uganda is an essential basis for our SALEM-work. That is why the new children´s home is named after her - meaning an act of friendship and respect in Uganda.

One of the ceremony`s highlights has been a suitcase full of toys, clothes and tiny surprises that was presented by the German kids to the children living in SALEM.

The newly designed facility was also acknowledged by official guests: the church was represented by Pastor Apolo Mwenyi from Mbale; Mereth Mutonyi from the social department in Mbale as well as Samwiri Wabulakha, Joseph Balisanyuka, Dr. Steven Tuunde and Peter Natiwa emphasized the immense importance of the building for the children.

 Finally all guests enjoyed an opulent meal with Chapatis, Samosas and fruit.

Thank you so much to all who have contributed to this very special place!

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