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Another important step for the future


Our health center in SALEM-Uganda has again made some progress on the way to being recognized as a hospital. Having an X-ray machine with suitable premises is part of the mandatory equipment in order to be considered for a higher classification. The device was recently put into operation and after the employees were trained on it, it can now be used on patients.

First, a suitable room had to be found and thoroughly renovated. This was completed with the installation of a radiation protection door. Thanks to donations from various partners, we were able to purchase a modern X-ray machine. Now patients can be treated better and no longer have to visit other hospitals that are further away.

Thus, our medical staff is able work more efficiently, make faster diagnoses and initiate the right treatment. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us and look forward to the future of our health center.

If you also want to support our SALEM-Uganda project and the health center, we would be happy to receive your donation.

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