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Another catastrophe is hitting Uganda


Floods caused by heavy rains are devastating parts of the country

Some days ago terrible pictures reached us from Uganda. Heavy rains in the west and south caused rivers and even Lake Victoria, which has the highest water level since 1964, to overflow. Most of the houses, restaurants and beaches on the waterfront have been flooded. For months now, there have been exceptionally heavy rains in the African country. And now thousands of people have been driven out of their houses by floods; even hospitals, schools and bridges have been destroyed in many places.

Considering the present situation, especially with the threat of the pandemic, this is a mere catastrophe. In emergency accommodations people are not able to keep any minimum distance and medical care can no longer be guaranteed. And, of course, hygiene is suffering as many wells are contaminated and thus useless. After the desert locusts’ plague this is another factor destroying the harvests. It is to be feared that a huge famine is going to hit the country.

The SALEM village is not yet very much affected but a huge Jacaranda tree has fallen in the yard of the Children’s Home. Fortunately, nobody was hit and no building was damaged. In the home village of our project manager Denis Medeyi, Bulangira which is not far away, houses were destroyed by falling trees. We hope that our village and especially our Health Center and Childrens’ Home may be spared.

In case of such floods, trees are essential in order to stabilize the soil and to prevent landslides. This is why we will continue planting trees around SALEM-Uganda in order to be prepared for such catastrophes in the future, if possible. Furthermore, we want to highly extend self-sufficiency with food within the SALEM village. If you wish to support SALEM-Uganda you can donate online here.

We have done a compilation of some short films that reached us from Uganda to show how dramatic the situation is.


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