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SALEM-Togo: News from the Infirmary in Baghan


With the down payment we made, the first part of the refurbishment could begin and the workers are busy renovating doors, windows and mosquito nets. Apart from that the first Neem trees were planted around the hospital to keep away the dangerous mosquitoes.

In an interview with our project leader, Gbati Nikabou, the village chief of the Baghan community and the head of the infirmary have shown their gratefulness:

"SALEM-Togo has brought great joy to our people. The people here have many complaints.
Our infirmary was long forgotten and abandoned. But today, thanks to the dedication of SALEM-Togo very good work is being done. We are proud and happy about the wonderful gift that SALEM and its partners have given to us. We are also very thankful for the reforestation, which has been done by the SALEM staff so far. We now have many trees that provide shade. Many thanks to all who are involved in this project and help to revitalize this infirmary." 

We thank all donors who have helped us to tackle this construction project and cordially ask you to help us complete this mission. Thank you very much!

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