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This Tree carries the Hope for a greener Togo


Already in 1987, when our project manager in SALEM-Togo Gbati Nikabou was still a student, he was in his heart an environmentalist. Back then he started to plant guajacum trees in front of his family`s house. These trees have by now turned out to be huge trees. Gbati now collected their seeds to start a new project in Bassar.   


Guajacum trees are ideal plants for a directed reforestation because they are hardy against pests. Besides you can use their branches as firewood or its plant biomass for energy production without damaging the whole forest. These species always sprout new shoots if a branch is cut. Furthermore they carry millions of seeds every year and their lilac-white blossoms give food to bees and other insects.

A year ago the branches of  the tree, shown on the photo, were completely cut because of building works. He is already carrying new leaves and berries. So this species seemed very appropriate for our new campaign in and around SALEM-Togo: we want to start a tree-planting campaign with charburners in the surrounding communities. Apart from that we would like to initiate a bee-keeping project. Our aim is to develop sustainable ideas for the environment and at the same time give hope to the Togolese people. Gbati Nikabou is planning to build beehives for this project starting in June.

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