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SALEM-Uganda: A milestone in clinical services!


In order to maintain and improve our standards, our well-trained team of doctors must quickly be able to make the correct diagnosis using laboratory test results. Patients with conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure are particularly at risk. They have often taken a lot of medication with potentially damaging side effects. This is why it is essential to perform baseline tests on vital organs and to monitor them routinely before patients begin treatment. This helps to prevent drug related deaths which can otherwise occur.

We really needed the lab in SALEM-Uganda to have its own machine to carry out these vital tests including checking metabolic function and the health of the kidneys, liver and pancreas. One large donation was built upon by several smaller ones and we are pleased to say that the machine has now been purchased. 

It was delivered on 8 August and staff members have since been trained to use it. We are fortunate to receive the reagents for free because we are an NGO and since we charge a modest fee to our patients (except those suffering from tuberculosis or AIDS), we expect that this service will support the hospital finances. Many health centres in the vicinity can now transfer their patients to us and we are working hard to live up to their confidence in us.

So, we are indeed celebrating a milestone – and we would like to thank all those who have contributed to this momentous occasion!

Andrew Epenyu, head of SALEM-Uganda laboratory

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