Kolonyi hospital has served multiple districts around Mbale since the 1980/90s war. It was one of the few fully operational hospitals at that time and has a good reputation. With the help of many donators we were again able to improve the medical care in SALEM-Uganda and the close by communities.

Step by Step


When Betty was brought to the Children`s home in SALEM-Uganda she was 5 years old but wasn´t able to walk or talk mainly because of malnutrition and abuse by her own mother. Thanks to the loving care of the SALEM-Aunties who supported her with a special training she learned how to walk.
SALEM-Russia has been successfully running eco-youth camps for groups of young people since 2009. Do you want to take part in this adventure?
This short film about these community outreaches shows the importance of the medical work that is done by SALEM-Uganda. By going out into the nearby villages we can reach the rural population around SALEM-Uganda.
When the Managing Director of SALEM, Samuel Müller, visited our project in Togo last december he was given some seeds of the sabanut tree by project manager Gbati Nikabou. He then brought them as a gift to SALEM-Uganda.
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