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Two adventurous weeks in SALEM-Russia


SALEM-Russia has been successfully running eco-youth camps for groups of young people since 2009. Do you want to take part in this adventure?

Up to 24 participants aged 17 to 27 can take part in each camp. The eco-youth camps run for two weeks at a time and take place each year from the end of June till mid-September. The eco-youth camps are designed specifically for students and trainees. Young people with special educational needs are invited as well.

The camps take place in the SALEM-Russia village which is situated near Kaliningrad (15 km). SALEM provides vegetarian food from a dedicated kitchen, a large dining tent for 60 people and a roofed bonfire area. Participants sleep in large sturdy tents or may bring their own with them.

It is a project very dear to our hearts and aims to create a better and more peaceful future for our planet and to strengthen international relationships with Russia. To this end, we focus on promoting tolerance and understanding among participants from different cultures.

You can find further information below. Up to now his information is only available in German.

If you have any questions please contact:

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