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SALEM is mourning for Olive


In 1987 she came as a little child, attended Nursery School in SALEM-Uganda for many years and with sheer pleasure and has been living in the Childrens' Home since then. 

She always had a bright smile on her face and actively participated in all events. She clapped her hands, sang and danced - despite her mental health problem.   

Unfortunately, she suffered from a malignant wound at her leg for quite some time which finally ended in a sepsis. Furthermore she had a pneumonia. When she had even a malaria last week this was too much for her body.  

On Friday, 16th June 2023, she died in SALEM Health Center at the age of only 35 years. The service was presided over by Bishop Samwiri Wabhulakha. Amongst the hundred of mourners the area MP. Hon. Wambedde Seth was present with many other degnitories like SALEM Board Members and other community and church leaders. Even the sky was crying, there was a heavy rain coming down which lasted close to one and half hour during the ceremony. 

Denis Medeyi, the Project Manager of SALEM-Uganda, has taken the opportunity to thank everyone, the SALEM staffs, other organisations and friends who are ever standing with SALEM-Uganda team in supporting her and all the other children in the Childrens' Home. 

We will always remember our dear Olive, may she rest in peace. 

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