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This year our biggest overseas project – SALEM-Uganda – turns 40 years old! The  project began in such a difficult situation back in 1981 that no-one could have believed it would flourish as it has. However, Gottfried Müller, founder of SALEM, knew after his visit to the local area that he simply had to help the people - particularly the children living there. This is how our work began from nothing, under a solitary tree, surrounded by a barren landscape.

In 1981 SALEM-Uganda started as a small project providing emergency help for the country, situated in East Africa, which had been torn apart by civil war. Over decades the project has grown and now encompasses a health centre, children’s home, nursery school, tree nursery, training centres, guest house and conference centre. At the same time, SALEM-Uganda has also supported neighbouring communities with health, social welfare and education provision.

In 2021, our anniversary year, we are planning a series of short films about SALEM-Uganda, showing you our journey from the very beginning under a tree, in the midst of inhospitable surroundings, to the many different departments that can be found there today. These will be available from April onwards and will include stories of SALEM staff members who have dedicated their time to growing this vast project over decades. We hope you will enjoy learning more about our work in Uganda.

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